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Vegan Skincare for my babes at heart!

Our Story

About Best Girl Essentials

Best Girl Essentials helps the Vegan babes by offering Herbal infused skincare products that promote healthy glowing skin without the toxic ingredients.

Best Girl Essentials was created by registered nurse and mom, Terrina James.

Terrina spent most of her childhood and young adult years struggling with many different chronic issues. By the age of 25, she was diagnosed with allergies, migraines, eczema, psoriasis, GERD, and IBS so she decided to become vegan. The vegan lifestyle began to miraculously fade away her chronic issues.

However, things such as finding vegan hair care, skin care, and other essential household items that  fit her new lifestyle were difficult.

After years of experience in her career as a Registered Nurse, and a new lifestyle as a vegan
she began devoting her time to create cruelty free, safe, and healthy essential products for herself and her daughter. Products that are formulated specifically to help Heal and Restore.

After seeing the results of how these products truly restored their hair and skin, she decided to share her special formula with the world through Best Girl Essentials.